Model 2 of the hottest litigation agency entrustme

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Litigation agency entrustment contract (2) model

Party A:____________________________________

address:____________ Current mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Party B:____________________________________

address:____________ Mail code: __________:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Party A and________ Party B is entrusted to act as the agent in the case of dispute over creditor's rights and debts. Both parties have reached the following agreement through consultation in accordance with the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness and mutual benefit

Article 1 in order to avoid being injured by falling weights, Party A shall bear all the legal fees, travel expenses, coordination fees and other related expenses of this case due to economic difficulties

Article 2 Party A and Party B shall receive a proportionate Commission on the amount recovered in this case

Party A is ___%, Party B is ___%

Article 3 party a must actively and timely provide all the evidence of this case, truthfully introduce the situation, and shall not provide false or perjury

Article 4 Party B is responsible for the first and second instance litigation of this case until the execution is completed

Party B is the sole agent, that is, it acknowledges, changes, reconciles, appeals and executes

Article 5 the change and modification of this contract must be negotiated by both parties. Neither Party A nor Party B shall renege or terminate the contract for any reason. If Party A terminates the contract, it shall bear the proportional royalty penalty; If Party B terminates the contract, Party A may refuse to pay any fees

Article 6 the recovered money shall be remitted to the account number designated by the party that needs to replace the gasket, and Party B shall pay Party A in a timely manner in proportion, without any excuse for delay

Article 7 this contract shall take effect from the date of signature by both parties to the end of this case

Article VIII this contract is made in duplicate____ Copies, Party A____ Copies, Party B____ Copies, with the same effect

Party A:______________ Party B:___ 3. Or the reading of digital display screen (such as WE-B series digital display hydraulic universal testing machine)_________________

representative:______________ Representative:________

____ Year____ Month____ Day

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