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Housing lease contract (2) model

1. housing name, specification, grade, number of rooms, area, unit price, amount, ground quality

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│ house name │ compliance │ number of rooms │ area (│ (square │ annual lease │ number of doors │ number of windows │ ground quality │

│ claim (building │ I hope this article can bring a certain help to readers │ │ (room │ square meter │ meter) single │ amount (│ (compliance) (eye)) │ quantity (soil │

│, front compartment │ │ │) │) │ price (yuan │ yuan) │ │, bricks, │

│, flat │ lattice │ grade │ │ │) │ │ │ cement) │

│ summer) │ │ │ │ │ │ │>

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2. The lease term of the house is years and months.From to, the lessor shall, in accordance with the time and standards stipulated in the contract, The leased house shall be handed over to the lessee for use and residence in time

3. Rent payment time:

if there is a unified national rent standard, it shall be signed according to the unified national regulations. If there is no unified regulations, it shall be negotiated and agreed by the contract representatives

4. Provisions on housing lease:

(1) if the lessor transfers the ownership of the property to a third party, it shall notify the lessee within a reasonable period before the sale. The lessee has the right of first refusal under the same conditions, and the contract continues to be valid for the new owner of the property; If the lessee needs to transfer the leased property to a third party due to work needs and other reasons, it must obtain the consent of the lessor in advance

(2) the lessee has the obligation to protect public property and shall not open, change or build without authorization

(3) the lessee must ensure that the construction of toilets, wing rooms, bungalows, planting trees, etc. in the rented house yard does not hinder the ventilation, light transmission, pedestrian, drainage, house repair, environmental sanitation, etc. of the neighbors, otherwise it will bear all the consequences arising therefrom

(4) the lessee must obey the unified national planning. If it needs to be relocated due to national construction, it must move immediately. If it intends to make difficulties, the lessor has the right to terminate the contract

(5) if either party needs to change the house, it must inform the other party one month ago to negotiate and solve it. Before reaching an agreement, the original contract will continue to be valid

(6) if the lessee dies during the lease period of the house, the person living together with him can lease the house in accordance with the original lease contract

5. Lessee:

(1) pay the rental fee in time according to the specified time

(2) protect public property, do not demolish or rebuild the house without authorization, and be responsible for repairing or compensating for the unreasonable damage to the house property

(3) if the property is sublet or engaged in illegal activities without authorization, the lessor has the right to terminate the contract

(4) in case of any problem (rain leakage, inclination, etc.), inform the lessor in time, otherwise it will be responsible for all consequences

6. Lessor:

(1) the rental house shall be surveyed every spring, and all the houses that should be renovated must be renovated in time to ensure the normal use and residence of the house. Prevent rain leakage and collapse accidents

(2) the rental house must be provided in accordance with the quality specified in the contract, and the inner and outer walls shall be neat and complete, without rain leakage and inclination. If the quality of the rental house does not meet the requirements of the contract or the house is in disrepair, the lessor shall bear the economic losses caused thereby

(3) tenants who need to be relocated due to national construction must be properly arranged according to national relocation regulations

7. This contract has two originals, one for the lessor and one for the lessee, and copies. Effective from the date of signing

8. Any matters not covered in this contract must be amended by the lessor and lessee through negotiation

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assurance authority: (seal)

representative: (seal) representative: (seal)

assurance time:

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