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The rational use of archaize in traditional style packaging design at present, the traditional packaging design that reflects our Chinese national characteristics is entering a mature period Its main symbol is that the design of Chinese traditional style packaging has found its way out from the experience of feeling sleepy, imitating and learning Japanese traditional style packaging and exploring in the past two decades. With its own rich traditional culture, the meshing clearance of the ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted at will, and the essence of modern foreign culture can be organically integrated, creating a design language that can fully reflect the traditional Chinese characteristics, has a sense of the times and is different from the traditional Japanese style. In the past decade, many packaging works of traditional Chinese style designed by excellent Chinese designers have emerged in the packaging design evaluation of "Asian Star" and "world star", and won the gold and silver awards of the highest honor. As for the traditional style packaging design that has won various awards in the evaluation of domestic packaging design at all levels, it seems that it has mushroomed, and there are numerous examples

in the traditional style packaging design, it is an effective creative idea to use the antique technique in the design. The archaize technique can be comprehensively considered and selected from the aspects of material, structure, modeling, calligraphy, pattern, color, etc. The civilization history of the great country of the Chinese nation provides us with inexhaustible materials for creative thinking. No matter from the aspect and quantity involved in Chinese traditional culture, or its inside information, it is incomparably broad and profound

tradition is the long generation, accumulation and continuation of the development of various cultural essences in the long and uninterrupted history of mankind, and the subtle blending of traditional culture in different times, different nations and countries, and different regions (such as the blending of Persian culture and Oriental Culture on the Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty), There is also obvious evolution and development (for example, due to the change of political power, the difference between some cultures of each dynasty and other dynasties is more obvious). Therefore, traditional culture in different historical periods, different regions and different nations will inevitably show their own characteristics more or less

one of the main functions of traditional style packaging is to convey to consumers the information about the space-time and geographical characteristics of the packaging object (i.e. product) from the visual image. Therefore, we must select the elements of traditional culture when we use the archaize technique to design the packaging of traditional style. However, the use of archaize techniques in the design can not simply copy some ancient and folk ready-made patterns intact, that is, we can not consider the tradition from the perspective of specific forms, but ignore the overall artistic conception of the design itself. In other words, is the use of specific forms appropriate? Can it reflect the artistic conception of the product? Is it durable

the so-called overall artistic conception of traditional style packaging design, the author believes that the following aspects should be considered:

first, the accuracy of space-time and regional information transmission

there are countless traditional products and local products in China, and their times and regions are different. Therefore, before we begin to design the packaging of a traditional product or local product, we should try our best to understand and research the product in many aspects through local chronicles or archaeological achievements. It is a good preparation for us to select traditional cultural elements with modern, regional or national typical characteristics for our products. If the elements of traditional culture are selected randomly or blindly, it is easy to convey incorrect information about time, space and region to consumers, especially those who have some knowledge of Chinese traditional culture, so that the overall design will lose its due artistic conception because it cannot withstand careful deliberation

II. Accuracy of selection of packaging materials in the design of traditional local products

the packaging materials of traditional local products are generally natural materials that can be obtained locally. These natural materials can be applied only through relatively simple processing or simply without any processing. However, due to different regions, the geographical conditions and climate of different regions are different, and the natural products are also different. Therefore, different natural products can also convey regional information to people. In the design, we should try our best to consider the natural packaging materials that should be produced in large quantities by the origin of the packaging object after running for a period of time, so that it can accurately convey the regional information of the product. Otherwise, it will also affect the overall artistic conception of packaging design

III. The traditional cultural elements selected in the design should have a close organic connection with the product as far as possible

the stronger the organic connection between the selected traditional cultural elements and the product, the more accurate the information about the product will be conveyed to consumers, the faster the information will be conveyed, and the more natural the feeling will be to consumers. Otherwise, it will give people an awkward feeling in terms of this, and even the wrong information will be conveyed

IV. traditional cultural elements with strong formal beauty should be selected as far as possible in design. Formal beauty is one of the main contents of any art. Therefore, traditional cultural elements with strong formal beauty can also improve the artistic conception and taste of packaging design. I think it goes without saying. Therefore, we should carefully select the information we have collected in the design

v. traditional packaging should also have a sense of modernity

our current era has entered the era of microelectronics and large capacity information with highly developed science and technology. Especially since China has implemented the policy of reform and opening up to the outside world, many advanced cultures in the world have been continuously introduced into China for our use, integrated with the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and gradually formed China's current cultural situation in this new period. This is a historical necessity. The needs of the times. The ideology of seeking novelty and beauty is shared by people. Only when it conforms to the beat of the times and brings forth the new through the old, can the traditional packaging design have vitality and new artistic conception, and can it be accepted by contemporary people

VI. the most important point is to improve the quality of designers in all aspects.

there are two words in the painting industry, one is "Kung Fu is outside the painting", the other is "both painting quality and personality". It means that to make his paintings have artistic conception, only the author himself has a high level of literature, art and moral quality. This is also very important for packaging designers. Therefore, packaging designers are not entitled to have solid basic skills and professional knowledge in design. They should also strengthen their study in literature, art, aesthetics, archaeology, religion, science and technology, political ideology and morality, widely collect exhibitions, and improve their own literacy, so as to make their own design have a more profound artistic conception

in a word, traditional Chinese style packaging as a whole is itself an integral part of modern culture. Therefore, while protecting products and promoting products, consumers can also understand and learn a lot of history, culture, art, folk customs, science and technology through packaging. From this point of view, the traditional style of packaging design is reasonable, appropriate, accurate use of archaize techniques is more necessary and more racy social and cultural significance

we are convinced that through the hard exploration and hard work of China's growing and generally improving packaging design team and packaging technology and theoretical workers, China's traditional style packaging design will present a brilliant new scene in the near future, achieve more fruitful results and move towards mature glory

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