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Drug rapid detection nine intelligent rapid detection vehicles make fake drugs nowhere to hide

at present, it is the time for the drug regulatory department to carry out special supervision and inspection on the quality of large infusion drugs in summer. With the footprints of the inspection team or the replacement of components, intelligent drug rapid detection vehicles marked with "China drug detection" also appear in front of drug wholesale enterprises and medical institutions from time to time to carry out rapid detection on the clarity of large infusion samples, The result will be known in a minute

drug detection vehicle is a high-tech detection equipment with independent intellectual property rights developed by China to crack down on counterfeit drugs. The vehicle is equipped with advanced near-infrared spectrometer, drug TLC, Leica microscope, counterfeit drug information database and other equipment and software. As long as the inspectors use a special "pen" to perspective the drug, they can get the effective components and content of the drug. By comparing the component analysis charts of the same kind of drugs, the authenticity of drugs can be seen at a glance. At present, there are 9 drug rapid inspection vehicles in the city

at the end of 2006, the drug regulatory department of Beilun District invested 800000 yuan to take the lead in equipping the province with a rapid drug detection vehicle. It carried out a variety of rapid tests such as near-infrared detection, clarity detection, chemical method and decoction piece feature ratio in various drug-related units under its jurisdiction. It took the lead in establishing a near-infrared qualitative identification model for brand drugs of local pharmaceutical enterprises in the province, and cleaned up many batches of fake and inferior products illegally added with "Viagra" ingredients, The rapid detection technology is in the forefront of the country

the drug rapid inspection vehicle cooperates with various special rectification actions to carry out on-site inspection, go into communities and rural areas, participate in various drug safety knowledge publicity activities, help the masses identify the authenticity of drugs through on-site demonstrations, and print the experimental data and the average value of the experiment. It has become a sharp weapon for the Municipal Drug regulatory department to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy drugs. Once a suspicious drug is found, the inspectors immediately conduct supervision sampling and send it to a legal drug inspection institution for inspection, which effectively improves the pertinence of drug supervision sampling. Last year, the city's rapid inspection vehicles ran 59100 kilometers, dispatched 886 vehicles, and dispatched 3369 inspectors. They inspected 11 counties (cities), 1 districts, and 968 units in 07 towns and townships. They could contact our customer service at any time. They inspected 78100 batches of drugs on site, screened 4516 batches of drugs, including 138 batches of suspected drugs, 131 batches submitted for inspection, and 20 batches of unqualified drugs

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