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The decoration of a new house is originally a happy thing. As the old saying goes, "New Year's new weather", living in a new house is naturally the beginning of a new life. How can it not be exciting. As the decoration season has been in full swing, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network has heard many owners tell stories about their houses, with complaints and joy. Today, what Xiaobian wants to talk to you about is such a disturbing thing. Ms. Li, who lives in poly mansion, has just been renovated for half a year, and as a result, all the wall tiles fall off. What's the matter? Please follow Xiaobian's camera to have a look

in March 2015, Ms. Li of poly mansion entrusted her own house to a decoration company near the community for decoration. In September 2015, the decoration of the house was completed, with a total cost of 68000 yuan. Recently, she went to the house that had been placed for half a year and found that two square meters of tiles in the living room fell off and were damaged, and the walls of the bathroom and the living room were also damaged in many places

then, she went to the decoration company to say. The other Party promised to repair, but didn't take action. She asked the company to come up with a maintenance plan, but the other party refused. Ms. Li told Xiaobian that at first, she was not willing to let the company repair, but just wanted them to refund part of the decoration cost, and then find another company to repair

recently, Ms. Li contacted our customer service of Wuhan home decoration network due to the heartfelt suggestions of acquaintances. According to Ms. Li's requirements, professional customer service recommended three decoration companies for her. Finally, for various considerations, Ms. Li finally determined one of the decoration companies, and Ms. Li said that the decoration mode of Wuhan home decoration network is very good, and it is a trustworthy home decoration platform




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