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1. Water softener &mdash& mdash; Generally speaking, the price of the water softener is between 1000-15000 yuan. It is enough for families to buy a water softener of 1000-6000 yuan. The flow of the model is mainly 0.5-1.5 tons, and the principle is that it should be high rather than low. That is to say, the larger the displacement flow is, the longer the cycle of salt addition and reduction is. Therefore, the energy and cost of maintenance are also lower

2. Energy activated drinking fountain &mdash& mdash; The price of household energy activated drinking water dispenser is generally 4000-10000 yuan, and the price of general energy activated drinking water dispenser is 4000— About 5000 yuan. If it is less than 3000 yuan, the quality of accessories and various materials of the energy activated direct water dispenser will be suspected of cutting corners. It is recommended that consumers do not buy it. Similarly, if the price is more than 10000 yuan, it means that the profit space of the product is too large, and you will become a big enemy

other new high-tech water dispensers, such as Deli noble high-energy activated direct water dispenser, are relatively expensive, and the general market price is 4000-6000 yuan. It should be said that they are all acceptable prices in the market

some owners may think that a machine costs thousands of yuan, which is too expensive! In fact, if you compare it with bottled water, it's not expensive at all. If a family of three has a barrel of water for three days, calculated at 12 yuan per barrel, the expenditure of bottled water for one year will reach 1440 yuan, which will be 21600 yuan in 15 years. The service life of Deli noble high-energy activated drinking fountain is lifelong, but it is calculated as 15 years. In such a comparison, the price of high-energy activated direct drinking water dispenser is quite cost-effective

3. What is the difference between high-energy activated direct drinking water dispenser and water purifier, ultra/nano filter and electrolytic water dispenser

1. The difference between high-energy activated direct drinking machines and water purifiers. Water purifiers have a wide range, and some experts also classify various direct drinking machines into this category. Here, we only define the water purifier as a water treatment device that only goes through simple adsorption and filtration. For example, barreled filter element water purifiers are only equipped with activated carbon, ppcotton or silica gel, quartz sand filter element, etc. these devices can absorb most particles, viscous liquid and peculiar smell in water. Bacteria, viruses and heavy metals cannot be removed. At the same time, if the filter element of the water purifier is not replaced or cleaned for a long time, the bacteria and dirty substances adsorbed on the filter element will seriously pollute the water body, causing the water treated by the water purifier after purification saturation to be dirtier than tap water. The device of the water purifier is only used as the first three-stage filter element in the high-energy activated direct drinking water dispenser. The purpose is to reduce the burden of the post filter system, reduce the dirty substances filtered by the post filter system, and extend its service life. Moreover, it doesn't matter if the first three-stage filter element is not replaced in time, which will only increase the increase of filter materials, block the filter aperture faster, reduce the water output or even don't make water, and the water out of it will always be good water

2. The difference between high-energy activated direct drinking water dispenser and nano/ultrafiltration water dispenser. High energy activated direct drinking water dispenser generally refers to the direct drinking water dispenser that adopts system filtration, while nano filtration and ultrafiltration water dispenser adopt nano filtration membrane and ultrafiltration membrane filtration, in which the filtration aperture of nano filtration membrane is only 0.01 μ m, and the filtration aperture of ultrafiltration membrane is only 0.001 μ m, both of which are 1-2 units smaller than the filtration system. Therefore, its ability to filter a considerable part of bacteria, viruses and heavy metals is limited. It cannot be called a direct drinking water device in a complete sense

3. The first thing to tell consumers about the difference between high-energy activated direct drinking water dispensers and electrolytic water dispensers and frequency spectrum water dispensers is that electrolytic water dispensers and frequency spectrum water dispensers are strictly prohibited by the state, and they should be classified as health products. Many consumers can see in their daily life that such products will not be sold in large shopping malls or specialty stores, because the country does not allow such products to be sold. Because both electrolytic water and spectrum water are imported technologies from abroad, these products are circulated in Europe, the United States, South Korea and Japan because their tap water has been purified, and their water quality has reached the standard of direct drinking, while China's tap water treatment standard has not reached this standard at all. In other words, it is unscientific and inhuman to use unclean (or unhealthy) water such as unprocessed tap water for functional treatment. Water is a carrier for transporting nutrients. The premise is to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. Moreover, the sales mode of this kind of products is mostly conference sales. A large number of elderly people are invited to the venue for brainwashing through tourism and gifts, and then they are encouraged to spend thousands of yuan on unhealthy products with low value. That is to say, spend unjustified money to sell and buy cheap products!, Such marketing is immoral. Many ordinary people who spent a lot of money on buying machines often shouted that they had been deceived. The news often appeared in major media headlines, which is not uncommon

in addition, whether spectrum water or electrolytic water, its electrolytic and spectrum water will be automatically restored after 24 hours. For example, electrolyzed water, through high magnetic electrolysis, forms positive and negative electrodes, water molecules with positive electrodes form alkaline water, and water molecules with negative electrodes form acidic water. However, after 24 hours, the positive and negative stages will automatically revert to the original tap water. It's the same as untreated tap water





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