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Many people say that summer is the off-season of the home decoration industry, and it is not suitable for decoration. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Due to the high temperature, the paint and cement will soon dry out. The reporter learned in a recent interview with Shuimu decoration that if you can pay attention to some details during the decoration, the decoration process will be very easy

a. materials should be dry and moisture-proof

in summer, materials are more dry than other seasons. For floor tiles and tiles that need to be soaked in water, the soaking time should be extended to make them fully close to the climate saturation state. In this way, there will be no hollowing and falling off due to the weak bonding with cement due to water absorption during bonding

when painting interior wall paint, due to the hot weather in summer, special attention should be paid to its stability, bonding strength and initial drying and crack resistance. You can take the method of carefully observing the subtle points, making detailed time records and making comparisons. When measuring and installing plastic steel doors and windows, sliding doors, the size arrangement should pay attention to thermal expansion and cold contraction. Plastic steel is a material greatly affected by temperature. If the size arrangement is too compact, cracks and deformation will appear in winter due to the decrease of temperature, so the size should be slightly surplus. In addition, some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood, board and gypsum board, are very susceptible to moisture during transportation. If the moisture-proof work is not handled well, problems such as wood deformation, floor warping, cracks on the wall, paint drying and fogging will easily occur when the dry monsoon blows

b. the decorative color system should be neutral

summer decoration does not need to use a lot of cold colors. When choosing the decorative style and decorative accessories, the owner can prefer the neutral color system. If conditions permit, two pairs of curtains can be prepared, one in summer and one in winter, so that the curtains can adjust the style. This method can be used on fabric sofa at the same time. Owners can make sofa cushions of different colors to make indoor ornaments meet the season

c. hot weather

pay attention to removing peculiar smell. In summer decoration, you often encounter the problem that latex paint will become moldy and smell in hot weather because it dries slowly. You can also ask the decoration company to take corresponding measures to avoid. For example, indoor furniture cabinet doors should not be closed as far as possible to maintain ventilation

putting green plants after decoration, giving full play to photosynthesis to remove odor, or placing fruits (such as lemon, apple, pineapple, etc.) in the room can achieve the effect of deodorization




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