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Leave it alone “ Extremely cold for thousands of years ” The fact is that the temperature during this period is not the lowest, but lower. The cold has lasted for more than half a month, and will continue. It makes the tradition of living through the winter with one shoulder lose practical significance, and home warming is imminent. Because the longer the cold wave lasts, the colder people feel, which is why the longer the cold weather lasts, the more popular the heating equipment is

bedroom warming

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wool quilt and silk quilt are highly promoted

a warm quilt is the greatest desire in the cold winter. To make the quilt warm, a soft and warm quilt is essential. Now, quilt is the second most popular product in both shopping malls and supermarkets, except for electric heaters

5.50% off regular price goods, special price of composite wool quilt core 238 yuan &hellip& hellip; Near the end of the year, bedding products in many shopping malls have begun to be vigorously promoted, and winter quilt is the focus. However, for well-known brands such as Fushi, edimento, ya fangting, etc., the price is generally not less than 200 yuan even if it is a special price. The reporter saw that compared with down quilts and cotton quilt, wool and silk quilts are promoted more vigorously, and yafangting silk composite quilt 2m× 2.3m, special price of more than 900 yuan; The silk quilt with the original price of 1560 yuan in the bedroom is now on sale for less than 700 yuan; Fushi 152cm× 215cm wool composite quilt special price 189 yuan. However, even the wool quilt in the same store has a large price difference between different brands, such as yafangting 2m× Nearly 900 yuan for 2.3m, while only 300 yuan for Huangwei wool quilt of the same specification

IKEA has a clear mark on the warmth of the quilt, so that consumers can choose according to their own needs. Even quilts made of the same material have different degrees of warmth. For example, the new mesa quilt has six degrees of warmth to choose from. Of course, the highest degree of warmth is its level 6 warmth quilt

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it is understood that down quilts, wool quilts, silk quilts and fiber quilts all have winter styles. Which material is the warmest and more comfortable quilt? How can I choose a suitable winter quilt? The relevant person in charge of IKEA's bedding Department said that the thicker the quilt is, the warmer it is. The warmth of the quilt depends on a variety of comprehensive factors. The type and quantity of fillers, processing technology, and even sewing methods will affect the warmth of the quilt

silk quilt has good skin affinity and thermostability

silk quilt is a winter quilt variety vigorously promoted by merchants at present. Silk is a pure natural protein fiber with good skin affinity. The quilt made of it is soft and close to the body, with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, silk is a very slender natural porous fiber, which keeps warm and discharges moisture. It is very suitable for use in the humid South

good thermostability is another characteristic of silk quilt, which is unmatched by other quilts. However, its warmth is not as good as wool. One bed 2m× The price of 2.3m silk quilt is generally more than 700 yuan

wool quilt has good moisture wicking property and high warmth

wool quilt is also one of the most popular varieties in winter quilt. Wool on the market can be divided into national wool, Australian wool, cashmere, mohair and so on. Generally speaking, wool refers to domestic sheep wool. Because the curled wool contains a lot of air, and the heat transfer rate of the air is very low, it can effectively prevent the external cold air from entering and the internal hot air from emitting, so it can achieve high heat preservation. At the same time, wool has excellent moisture absorption and desorption, which can continuously absorb the moisture emitted from the human body and discharge it into the air, so as to keep the bedding dry and comfortable. One bed 2m× The price of 2.3m wool quilt is generally more than 300 yuan

duvets are light and warm, and the price is expensive.

duvets are mainly filled with goose down or duck down. Generally speaking, those with a down content of more than 50% are high-quality duvets. Because the unique triangular three-dimensional skeleton structure of down can store a lot of air, the down quilt has high warmth retention, small volume and light weight. Down quilt is very durable. Even if a good down quilt is used for 20 years, it is not easy to harden and deform. The down quilt used by patients with hypertension, heart disease, the elderly and pregnant women is warm and will not cause pressure on the body, but its price is relatively expensive. A bed of 2m× The price of a 2.3m down quilt is generally more than 400 yuan

colorful fiber quilt, affordable

fiber quilt is affordable, and you can buy a 2m× bed for more than 100 yuan; 2.3m famous brand. The fillings of the fiber quilt are more diverse, and the designs and colors of the fabrics are also more colorful. Now the high-quality fiber quilt has either improved the internal filling structure, or used more new environmentally friendly fiber materials, such as corn fiber, milk fiber, etc. compared with ordinary polyester fiber, the permeability and softness of the new fiber material will be better, and the price is more affordable than down, mulberry silk, wool

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fuana Senior Salesperson said that the first thing to consider when buying quilts is the price, because there are many choices now, including 100 yuan and tens of thousands of yuan. Although every penny is worth the goods, it is the most basic to choose according to the actual situation. When choosing, you can first look at the fabric. It is better to use pure cotton and high count cotton. You can feel whether the surface of the quilt is soft or not. That kind of soft is basically cotton. Then you can look at the padding of the quilt, mainly depending on the percentage of the material. The quilt tends to be made of which material has a high percentage. For example, the higher the purity of cotton fiber or silk, the better the comfort of quilt

living room heating

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health and energy saving become the mainstream choice of electric heaters

compared with the north, people in Guangzhou generally have less heating equipment in their homes. In this year's long-term cold weather, it is necessary to add some convenient heating equipment. Now, in addition to new year goods, heating products occupy the most prominent position in major supermarkets such as China Resources Vanguard, PARKnSHOP, Carrefour, etc. In addition to Gome and Suning, some building materials supermarkets such as baijiaju are also vigorously promoting heating products

electric heaters suitable for many areas of living rooms and homes are the most mainstream heating products. The reporter saw in China Resources Vanguard and baijiaju that the choice of electric heaters is now very rich, with different principles, numerous styles, dozens of categories, and the price ranges from about 100 yuan to thousands of yuan. There are not only small solar heaters, electric oil heaters, electric heaters, air heaters, cold and warm air conditioning fans, but also electric heaters with different heat generators such as crystal ceramic plates, oil-free heat conductors, matte heaters, PTC ceramics, quartz tubes, electric heating films, etc. A prominent phenomenon this year is that the function of electric heaters is not only heating, but also developing towards health, fashion and energy conservation. For example, many electric heating products of Lianchuang, Gree and Midea have the function of automatically maintaining a certain temperature, which not only improves the comfort of use, but also saves electricity and energy. In addition, some heating equipment with higher price (generally more than 700 yuan) also has anion and humidification functions, which pay more attention to health. The relevant person in charge of B & Q Tianhe store said that consumers now have a strong awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection. Whether they save energy and electricity is a major standard for them to choose electric heaters

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it warms quickly and is easy to move. You can warm wherever you go, which is the main reason why electric heaters are popular with the public. However, there are many kinds of electric heaters on the market now, which are infrared, air-conditioning fans for cooling and heating, and electric heating oil ting. How to choose

electric radiant heaters are fast in local heating and flat in price.

according to the salesperson of B & Q Tianhe store, electric radiant heaters are heating products that have developed rapidly in recent years, such as those in shopping malls and supermarkets “ Blush &rdquo They are the warm guys. This kind of heating products mostly use far-infrared heaters or electric heating wires to generate heat, and the heat is concentrated to a certain direction through the reflector to achieve the purpose of heating. In the past, we used to see more square or strip-shaped products, but recently, the infrared warmer, which looks like an electric fan, is very popular. The reporter saw two new types of infrared warmer at the scene. Their appearance design is the same as that of common floor fans, but there is no fan leaf and rear net cover, and they are replaced by high-efficiency and energy-saving electric heating elements and arc reflectors. One of them is heated by electric heating wire, and the other uses infrared heater. Most of these devices have no air supply and rely entirely on thermal radiation to achieve the purpose of heating. Therefore, they can not only swing their heads, timing, remote control and other functions like electric fans, but also have no noise

low price is a major feature of this kind of electric heater. There is one for 100 yuan or even dozens of yuan. If you have pets at home, you can consider buying one for your cats and dogs for the winter

Youting electric heater is a kind of comprehensive heating with moderate price.

Youting electric heater is a kind of relatively mature technology with a long history. The shape of this product is similar to that of an ordinary radiator, which is generally composed of 7-11 pieces. The high ignition point oil in the radiator is heated by electric heating elements. The power consumption of this electric heater is about 1500 watts, and the surface temperature of the radiator can reach 110 ℃. Four casters are installed under the Youting electric heater, which is easy to move. If a special clothes rack is installed, some small clothes can be dried quickly

the heat transfer oil of this electric heater does not need to be replaced and has a long service life. It is suitable for use in the living room, bedroom and aisle. There are 7, 9, 10 and 12 heat sinks in Youting, and the power can be adjusted by selecting the number of heat sinks. When purchasing, you can choose according to the use area. 7 pieces are suitable for 9-12 square meters, 9 pieces are suitable for 12-15 square meters, 10 pieces are suitable for 15-18 square meters, and so on. At present, there is also a kind of flat oil cement on the market. The thin plate shape is novel and fashionable, with higher thermal efficiency. It also has a humidification box and a clothes dryer, which is especially suitable for families with children

among electric heating products, Youting electric heater belongs to the category of products with higher price, most of which cost more than 300 yuan. However, many brands are promoting now, and some discount rates are as high as 60%. For example, the reporter saw in China Resources Vanguard that a Youting electric heater of Midea costs more than 600 yuan, but now it can be bought at 399 yuan. Compared with radiant heaters, Youting heaters heat up more slowly

cold and warm air-conditioning fan is a new variety that has emerged in recent years. Its principle is similar to the warm air function of cold and warm air-conditioning. It relies on the fan to send the heat generated by PTC ceramic heating elements out of the air outlet, which can supply air in an all-round way and automatically control the constant temperature. It is characterized by no open fire, no light consumption, no oxygen consumption, rapid temperature rise and long service life. According to different shapes, some can be fixed on the wall, and some can move at will. Of course, most of the products sold in supermarkets can be moved at will. According to the salesperson, this kind of electric heater has waterproof performance and can be used while bathing in the bathroom, but you can't spray water on it with a shower. In addition, many brands of cooling and heating air-conditioning fans also have the function of humidifying and even releasing negative ions, which can not only improve the room temperature, but also keep the indoor air fresh, but also effectively alleviate the problem of indoor air drying in winter

because it is a new product with many functions, this kind of electricity





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