Cigarette packaging should be innovated with the d

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Cigarette packaging should be innovated with the development of the times

Tobacco according to science and education reports, some analysts in the tobacco packaging industry believe that people live in an era in which the environment is changing all the time. Although these changes are very slow, they are really happening. For example, the buildings, cars, clothes and fashionable colors around us are changing all the time

therefore, with the passage of time in order to take the initiative in the market, if the cigarette packaging is not redesigned, consumers will not accept it. Therefore, cigarette brands that have been on the market for many years should also be innovated and changed with the changes of the times and the government's tobacco control policies. 5 the experimental stress control range (n/mm2) 1 (6) 0, and these changes should be made in advance. If consumers need to change, the sales volume of the brand has already decreased significantly

therefore, in a sense, although these factors seem small alone, they will affect the development of a brand. Designers and researchers introduced that there should be a unified consideration in the processing of color, the change of packaging material texture, the positioning of graphics and characters in packaging, so as to help improve the brand image and bring better performance to manufacturers and sellers


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