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Comments on the weekly market of plastic raw materials in Guangzhou (4.1

low pressure polyethylene: the market price rose further this week, and the latest quotation of 5000S reached yuan/ton, up about 100 yuan compared with the previous week. While the market price rose, people in the industry reflected the following new situations:

first, the supply of market resources was ostensibly short, but actually not short. As early as the rise of the market in Guangzhou two weeks ago, the market began to spread the information of low pressure polyethylene resource shortage, but according to relevant information Industry insiders believe that this shortage is only superficial. Suppliers are creating tight information and large households are hoarding goods. The purpose is to create a tense atmosphere in the market and help raise prices. Especially in the last week, some large distributors even closed their offers without quotation, which is obviously stimulating the market price rise

Second, the enthusiasm of market intermediaries is high, but the end users are not active. It is reported that middlemen have become active in the face of rising prices and look for goods everywhere. However, it does not mean that end users are also buying in large quantities. In fact, while the price rises, the purchase of end users is still relatively flat, and there is no rush purchase at all

Third, the rise of oil price in the international market is the key factor to promote the rise of low-pressure polyethylene price. However, the future change of international oil price will be mainly affected by the situation in the Middle East. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the future market change

based on the above situation, the author believes that the current situation of low-pressure polyethylene has low gas release and can provide reliable waterproof in the utilization of narrow frame - to ensure that it is more subtle when high-performance waterproof is required, and the future trend is more difficult to estimate. Maybe the price will rise in April, but in the end, it depends on the price change of oil in the international market. In fact, driven by the oil price, the recent quotation of low-pressure polyethylene in the international market has risen to a high of $600/ton

polypropylene: the market situation closely follows the rising trend of polyethylene. The market quotation of wire drawing material has risen to a high of yuan/ton this week, and many operators believe that there is still an upward momentum in the future

some dealers reported that the recent polypropylene resources have a significant trend of reduction, and the information reflected by petrochemical enterprises is generally "resource shortage", and many salesmen are difficult to mention the goods when they pick up the goods from the manufacturer. Moreover, even the resources of imported products are not very sufficient. It is one of the few exhibitions in Zhejiang Province to win this honor. This may be an important reason for the sharp rise in the price of polypropylene

of course, affected by the tense situation in the Middle East recently, the oil price in the international market once rose to a high of more than US $27/barrel, which is a more important factor to stimulate the rise of polypropylene quotation in the international market. Because the recent quotation of polypropylene in the international market has reached a high level of US dollars/ton

however, we must also pay attention to some situations:

first, the shortage of market resources is largely due to the pressure of some large households, which does not reflect the real situation of supply and demand

Second, according to the current international market quotation, polypropylene is far from reaching the price of low-pressure polyethylene, but the market price in Guangzhou obviously follows the price of low-pressure polyethylene since the beginning of the year. Obviously, the market price of polypropylene has risen too fast, and it is difficult to say whether it can maintain this fast pace in the future. There may be a situation where the front is fast and the back is slow

Third, the demand of end users in the market is not strong. Originally, after entering April, polypropylene will enter the peak demand season, and the rapid rise in price may restrain the market demand to a certain extent, because the production efficiency of downstream plastic products enterprises is poor, and the sharp price increase of upstream materials will put great pressure on them

however, the second quarter will enter the peak demand season for polypropylene. If the international oil price remains above US $26/ton, the price of polypropylene can go up again

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